Injector automatic cleaning system for round end liners.

The ZCleaner cleaning system is based on one of the main concepts that incorporates the Spider Head Liner and is none other than the automatic cleaning station for the injector.
This accessory for round format liners is based on a small servo-controlled arm that allows the injector to move towards the cleaning area, which has a housing for purging, a cleaning brush and a housing for the airtight position of the injector. This airtightness is achieved by self-pumping a liquid (either water, food-grade vaseline or any other liquid) so that the injector remains submerged when the line stops.

As in the head liner, the injector will go to cleaning every certain frequency (editable by the customer) or when the lining machine does not have ends. In the latter case, after cleaning, the injector will go to the airtight position until the liner has ends again.

In this way, frequent stops for cleaning are avoided, which are estimated to account for around 6% of the daily production time. On the contrary, the cleaning time used by the ZCleaner system is approximately 6 seconds, which implies 0.15% of the daily production time (assuming the same number of stops as in the previous case). In terms of ends not produced, it is estimated at approximately 32.000 in the case of a double lane liner working at 200 ends per minute per lane, while with the ZCleaner system it becomes 864 units diary not produced. In addition, it must be considered that this process is carried out automatically without the need for personnel intervention.
Another important aspect to highlight is that after each stop the ZCleaner system moves the injector to the housing for purging, thus ensuring that the injection of compound is correct from the first end and avoiding incorrect lining of the first ends. It is estimated that the loss caused by this lining error of the first ends after a stop is around 1.800 units per day assuming that each stop implies around 20 wrong lined ends and an estimation of 30 stops per shift.

This cleaning system is designed to be installed on any round format liner with transfer movement using the injector and the existing lining position.