Environmental policy

Society is the interest group of which we are all part and the Environment in which we live and in which our descendants will live is one of our essential values. It is the will and commitment of MATRIRUIZ, S.L., to carry out its activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and pollution prevention, guaranteeing compliance with applicable environmental regulations. This commitment is made explicit in the following principles:

• Consider integrating environmental criteria into business planning and management processes as a strategic priority.
• Control and ensure continuous improvement, incorporating technologies and management tools aimed at reducing environmental impacts, thereby ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, as well as other voluntarily accepted requirements.
• Promote the training and awareness of all groups involved in environmental management and adapt the organization in order to ensure compliance with environmental responsibilities.
• Promote collaboration and communication with public bodies in the synergistic search for solutions and in the definition of those applicable standards in the environmental adaptation process.
• Establish communication and external collaboration mechanisms, in order to provide an adequate response to the demands of society and our clients.
• Implement programs for the continuous improvement of environmental management that facilitate the achievement of the objectives and goals set forth in these principles, periodically reviewing the established policies and programs.

Antonio Ruiz