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Nowadays the mechanic and industrial automation are two fields very connected, that’s why more and more productive processes are optimized. In this special interest of the company in putting together mechanic and automation, appears the creation of  .


is a head end liner designed and patented by the engineering department of Matriruiz, S.L. The device is a delta robot of three articulations able to draw any coordinate maximizing its versatility.

This head end liner substitutes the traditional dye and shower lining system, correcting their main disadvantages. It is a clean system that reduces the number of weakening (defective ends) considering that the compound application through the electric injector allows a clean and accurate lining with the consequent save of compound consumption.

In addition, this system adds an automatic cleaning system, reducing line downtimes.

This automatic cleaning system consists basically in three aspects: cleaning, purge and airtight position for the injector. This fact affects straight on the production, so it is not necessary to stop the line with the same frequency or for the same time. The estimated increase of production due to this reason is about 15%.

The head end liner can include an artificial vision system so the application of compound could be interrupted in case of anomalies and having the certainty that the production is examined by an independent optical viewfinder.

In addition, through an automatic cutting ends system, the device also stops the feed of ends allowing a perfect dry of the remaining production in the line, without stopping the drying system.


is easily adaptable to any production line, totally configurable through its touchscreen.

From its touchscreen you can configure the format parameter of the end as well as the lining speed, simplifying its use. These characteristics, adding a linear speed of 2 m/s, makes this head end liner an indispensable part of any production line.

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